Past topics in Jewish Studies

History of the Holocaust with Professor Mark Roseman, Department of History and the Borns Jewish Studies Program.

Antisemitism since the Enlightenment with Professor Mark Roseman.

Understanding Antisemitism with Professor Alvin Rosenfeld.

group of International students

I had a great experience during my time in the Muslim-Jewish Relations course. Students from different backgrounds felt comfortable having open discussions and learning together despite what can at times be a sensitive subject. On top of Professor Jikeli’s planned curriculum, he would spend as much time as needed to teach us what we were interested in learning. The material was presented in a variety of formats to give us a greater understanding, including a model UN style educational game, a novel, research projects, and of course general readings from different academic sources. Regardless of one’s background or previous education in the subject matter, there is room to grow and learn in this class; I highly recommend it.

Aryeh Furman, Junior, Informatics