The Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism (ISCA) at Indiana University focuses on high-level scholarly research into present-day manifestations of anti-Jewish animosity.

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Our mission

Through an active program of courses, lectures, conferences, and publications, the Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism aims to clarify what is new and what has been inherited from the antisemitic lexicons of the past. The repertoire of emotionally charged accusations against Judaism and the Jews is made up of a familiar series of destructive myths that have been perpetuated over the ages.

Given their longevity and tenacity, it is unlikely that these myths can be eradicated, but by analyzing and exposing them as myths, it may be possible to help people recognize this pathology for what it is and thereby mitigate some of its harmful effects.

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News + Events

IU professor Alvin Rosenfeld has been named a senior fellow at the Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights, a Montreal-based international consortium of government officials, scholars, jurists, students and others united to pursue justice.

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IU scholars Assad Al-Saleh, Günther Jikeli, Haidar Khezri, and Alvin Rosenfeld have done field work in Germany for the project „Syrian and Iraqi Refugees in Germany, Antisemitism, Islamism, and Integration.“

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