Publications & Research

Forthcoming titles in the series

Georges Bensoussan, Jews in Arab Countries: The Great Uprooting

Catherine Chatterley, The Antisemitic Imagination

Myriam Greilsammer, Christian Money Lenders and Metaphorical Jews

Bernard Harrison, Blaming the Jews: The Persistence of a Delusion

Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism: The Dynamics of Delegitimization (ed. Alvin Rosenfeld)

Doron Ben-Atar and Andrew Pessin, Anti-Zionism on Campus:  The University, Free Speech, and BDS

Alexandru Florian, Holocaust Public Memory in Post-Communist Romania

Benjamin Ginsberg, Intolerance Takes a Left Turn:  The Left, the Right, and the Jews in the Age of Trump

Françoise Ouzan, Starting Again:  How Young Holocaust Survivors Rebuilt Their Lives in France, the United States, and Israel

Ilan Stevens, Hispanic Antisemitism