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Undergraduate Funding Opportunities

2017 Henry A. Bern Memorial Essay Competition Winners

This scholarship was established to honor the memory of Henry A. Bern by his family and friends.  Henry Bern was a professor of Education at Indiana University where he was committed to teaching and the world of learning.


Alex Perkins – for both of her papers “The Colonists: Collectivization, Dekulakization, and Famine and its Effect on Jewish Farming in Ukraine” and “Bundist Identity: Jewish Identity versus Marxist Identity”

SECOND PRIZE (tied): $375

Daniel Schumick “The Power of God’s Servants: Catholic Hierarchy and the Independent State of Croatia” and Devon Salge, “Why Israel’s Western Economy Matters: A Top-to-Botton Analysis of Economic Characteristics”



2016 “What is a Middle Eastern Feminist Movement: Feminist Movements in Lebanon and Israel” - Alex Perkins (History category)

2016 “Shas: A Model for Resolving Israel’s Internal Rift” – Jeffrey Lewis (Arts/Culture/Politics category)

2016 “’Jewish’ DNA: The Influence of New Technology Reflecting Race Ideology” – Leah Grynheim (Fiction/Multi-Media category)

2016 “Invalidated Absolutes and Reality of Man” – Rose Guingrich (Text/Philosophy/Literature category)

2015 "Gay or Nay,Modern Readings of the David and Jonathan Narrative" - Franklyn Salzmann

2014 "Stepping on Burning Lava: Irène Némirovsky, French Bourgeois or Jew?" - Natalie Harris

2014 "Intimacy and Power: A Dusty Conception of Personhood in Genesis 2:7a" - David Benjamin