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Jewish Studies Program Advisory Board

The Borns Jewish Studies Program benefits from the leadership and counsel of an excellent Executive Committee and Advisory Board led by President Andy Mallor and Vice President Larry Adelman. Our board members, who are deeply committed to education and Jewish culture, have been essential for the Borns Jewish Studies Program’s success in community relations and fundraising. We are most grateful to our members for their time and commitment to the program and its students.

Executive Committee

Lawrence Adelman, vice president
Robert Borns
Leonard Goldstein
Andrew Mallor, president
Louis Mervis
Sybil Mervis

Advisory Board

Barbara Alpert
Joseph Alpert
Robert Aronson
Roseanne Barr
Nancy Bate
Betsy Borns
Sandra Borns
Theodore Cohn
Benjamin Eisbart
Dr. Ruth Feinberg
Michael Finkelstein
Francine Hurwitz
Irene Jacobs
Dr. Martin Jacobs
Steve Jacobs
Bobbi Kroot
Elliott D. Levin
Irwin Levin
Flo Mary Mantel
Herbert Melrose
Linda Melrose
Adam Mervis
Ilene New
Jeffrey New
Professor Eloise Paul
Doug Rose
A John Rose
Judith Rose
Michelle Rose
Jonathan Shapiro
Norman Sider
Greg Silver
Renny Silver
Andrew Soshnick
Myrna Weinberg
Dr. Myron Weinberger
Jennifer Zwilling

Honorary Board

Eugene Bate
Alice Berkowitz
Edward Dobrow
Claudette Einhorn
Jay Glazer
Janice Goodman
June Herman
Henry Levinsky
Judy Liff-Barker
Sidney Mishkin
Dorit Paul
Gerald Paul
Dr. Ora Pescovitz
Jack Schuster